“Creeds, Codes and Cowboy Commandments” explores the moral basis that helped TV’s B-western stars lay claim to their cultural status of hero and role model. Through sample stories and dialogue within the episodes of their respective TV series, each western hero can be seen living out the values they had presented in their own personalized and published version of the “Code of the West.” Revisit those thrilling days of morals-packed adventures with your favorite heroes of the Old West in Creeds, Codes and Cowboy Commandments: TV’s B-Western Heroes Rules to Live ByAvailable for purchase on Amazon.

The TV-western themed puzzles and activities in Cowboy Heroes Puzzle and Activity Book offer hours of fun, while providing a chance for westerns fans of all ages to learn more about the cowboy heroes from the golden ages of television and comic books! Available for purchase on Amazon.



In mid-July of 1944, Pvt. John McKenzie entered World War II combat when he joined the 134th Infantry Regiment in France. For the next nine months he endured the hardships, dangers, and misery of life on the front lines as an infantry rifleman. Hero in the Family: A World War II Combat Story follows him through this perilous campaign in history’s greatest global conflict. Available for purchase on Amazon.


Your Christmas memories may include recollections of family gatherings, holiday food, and treasured traditions. The specific ways in which we celebrate Christmas may vary from one household to another, and from one year to another, but they have in common the pursuit of “peace on earth and good will toward men.” The Christmas-themed puzzles and activities in this puzzle book offer hours of fun, and a reminder of what makes the season so special to us all! Available for purchase on Amazon.