cover_WartimeEntertainment FrontOnlyDuring World War II on the home front, Americans continued to enjoy their favorite forms of entertainment and pop culture. Entertainers and news commentators alike became household names as millions of people tuned in daily to listen to their favorite radio programs as well as catching up on the latest war news. Comic books sold by the millions every month, and Hollywood produced thousands of films during the war years. In this book, you will have the opportunity to survey some of the most popular forms of wartime entertainment that occurred on screen, on the air, and on the printed page! Available for purchase on Amazon.


There were some heroes whose names were well-known in the United States during World War Two, such as Captain Marvel, Superman, Spy Smasher, Captain America, and many more. While some of these names are familiar to audiences today, the wartime contributions of many of them have been mostly forgotten. There were also millions of heroes whose names were familiar only to local hometown friends or family, but they were heroes nonetheless. As you work through the puzzles and activities in this book, perhaps you will also consider searching your own family’s records to discover more “forgotten heroes” of World War Two! Available for purchase on Amazon.

cover_homefrontShortages, rationing, defense stamps, bond rallies, scrap paper collecting, salvage drives, blackouts, victory gardens – all were a part of life in America during World War Two. Children were quite aware of the changes around them, as indeed, the daily life of every American household was impacted by the war. Families corresponded with sons and brothers serving in uniform. Parents worked in defense plants, or volunteered in various community organizations and teachers helped elementary school students to keep up with world events. Packed with puzzles and activities to explore life in wartime America. Available for purchase on Amazon.


cover_ShipsAndPlanes_frontOnlyFast fighter planes, long range bombers, submarines, and aircraft carriers were just some of the newer machines of modern warfare that came to prominence during World War II. The puzzles and activities in this book, Records of History World War Two Series: Ships and Planes, will provide an opportunity to sample some of the information and stories available to young readers of wartime comic books from which they learned about these fascinating ships and planes! Available for purchase on Amazon.

cover_BattlesAndLeaders_FrontOnlyWorld War II was fought on a global scale and thus produced many memorable events and dozens of leaders whose names became familiar to all Americans. The puzzles and activities in Records of History World War Two Series: Battles and Leaders provides opportunities to rediscover some of the war’s biggest stars and most famous battles. Effective leadership in the areas of politics, the military, science, and industry were a vital key to victory for the Allies. Available for purchase on Amazon.